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Big Company Prices

In the fast-paced, constantly evolving world of business, we know that what our customers really need are superstars, not superstores. The secret our competitors don’t want people to know is that while we can indeed compete with their prices, they simply cannot compete with our service.

We are a privately held, but well supported local dealer. We have a strategic alliance with Independent Stationers Cooperative (www.independentstationers.coop)- a national independent dealer owned cooperative with over 300 Dealers, 500+ locations, with a national and international footprint with over $14.5 Billion in buying power. We are able to offer product pricing that is equal to or better than any competitor.

The multinational corporate retailers have made a science of providing lowest common denominator service to the greatest number of consumers. They give customers, employees and suppliers the bare minimum, while reserving the vast majority of their profit to pay shareholders, sponsor race cars and add square footage. The strategy behind the mega-retailer approach is to keep the focus on price so no one questions the actual value they receive for their money. Aggressive pricing is a key component of our program, but it is just the beginning of what we do to add value and lower our clients’ overall procurement costs.

So what do we mean by added value? How about the value of having someone who thinks creatively about ways to lower your office operating expenses? Or someone who convinces you not to buy a new chair by making a few simple adjustments?

Think we’re joking? Go ahead and try us. We’re sure you’ll never look at office products – or suppliers – the same way again. The difference is in how we define words like Value, Convenience and Choice.

Would you rather see the money you spend on office products go toward proactive personal service and responsible local companies, or race car tires and global logistics? We source from local suppliers and manufacturers whenever possible to cut down on our environmental impact and support the local economy. We’re all connected.

Is it really more convenient to drive to your local superstore to pick up a pack of pencils, or to have someone hand it to you the next day? Is it really better to browse through every chair in existence when all you need is the right chair for you? Choice is great, but expert advice is even better.

Capital Service and Supplies Inc. has embodied the customer-focused approach for more than 60 years. We’ve adapted to better serve our Northwest customers in countless ways, but always by sticking to the values that have made us a trusted, long-term partner to many local companies.

Capital Service and Supplies Inc. places ingenuity over inventory, value over volume, quality relationships over quarterly earnings. We don’t spend our time formulating the perfect product mix, but finding and delivering the perfect solution for each and every client. Technology may have made it easier than ever to place orders, but has done nothing to improve upon the ability of creative, dedicated, knowledgeable people to give you what you really need, when you need it.

We are dedicated to helping our customers reduce the administrative costs associated with acquiring, storing, distributing and accounting for office products. While not as easily evaluated as price, these costs may constitute up to 50% of the total expense of an office products program, and can offer significant savings if managed properly.

So while our cooperative purchasing power lets us offer big box store pricing, it’s our local, customer-focused culture that lets us offer value you just can’t put a price on. Contact us today and find out what a proactive partner can do for your business.